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Personal Training by Jody Trostler

Jody Trostler’s Just Train is in its tenth year of customizing fitness to fit into its clients’ busy schedules. As a personal trainer, Jody serves the eastern suburbs of Cleveland.  Clients are seen 1-4 times per week depending on client fitness goals and fitness schedules. Some clients use Jody’s skills to supplement their own training schedule with creative functional integrated training (FIT) while others are re-entering into a workout or fitness regime and need help with proper alignment and form to avoid getting hurt. Jody also works with her clients on proper stretching, breathing and yoga technique. Private and semi-private yoga sessions are available as well. Clients range in age from teens to seniors both male and female. Jody can help you achieve your fitness goals whether you you are working through physical limitations or are training to be a Spartan!

I was a high school art teacher at Shaker Heights High school for 17 years. Teaching at my Alma Mater was my dream job coming out of graduate school. During the same time I began my career as a public school teacher, I also became a certified group fitness instructor.

Fitness was a deep passion of mine.  As the years progressed, I would dream about fitness as a career, but how could I justify the lack of security in a fitness career?  I had a great job in an amazing school system, great health benefits and job security.

After getting married, having two kids and settling into my job, things began to shift.   While having a career was very important to me, I did not want to miss out on being a mom. I was at a place emotionally that I was becoming a disservice to my family, my students and myself.  I had to take action. Teaching was not allowing me the flexibility my family needed.

One morning I decided to go to an early morning yoga class. This was my first time attending this particular young yoga teacher’s class. At the start of the class, he said that it would be his last class.  He quit his corporate job and was moving out west to teach yoga.

My initial reaction was of envy, anger and powerlessness. But as quickly as these negative thoughts filled my head, I began to feel a sense of strength, power, hope and also fear.

It was at the moment I knew I was going to make a radical career change and pursue a career in fitness!

I have been a CPT since 2010 servicing male and female clients on the East side of Cleveland. My clients have ranged in age from 12-85. I feel blessed to have loyal clients who are ready to make a change in their overall wellness and have the confidence in me to lead them on their journey.

Jody kept the 9:30 Power Sculpt class going outside during the fire drill this morning.  She was awesome!
Sally, JCC member
I take Jody’s Strike class at 9:45 on Wednesdays (my only weekday I can work out that late in the morning), and IT IS AMAZING! Great choreography, great music and I always feel I worked my butt off. 
Lifetime Fitness Beachwood member
The highlight of my trip at The Royalton, Punta Cana was Jody’s outdoor morning Yoga class and noon Aqua Fitness class every day. Her energy and enthusiasm was infectious.  
Cheryl from Kentucky (trip advisor)